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Blockdraw Technologies

We utilize and continuously develop blockchain and cryptology solutions for online gambling and other industries. This includes both private and public development and commercial implementation of blockchains based on Ethereum and Hyperledger, including a decentralized application (DApp) as a peer-to-peer encrypted gaming process. Using modern cryptology, math and proprietary methodology, Blockdraw develops commercial, scalable, robust, secure, trustless and confidential blockchain software products.

“Blockdraw’s development team has done something truly incredible. That is why we are bound to succeed and set new standards for many industries.” - Darin Oliver,
Founder and Managing Director of Blockdraw.


01 Technology Breakthrough
Ready-to-Use Commercial Solutions

Blockdraw raises the bar for the online gambling industry by setting new technological and regulatory compliance standards. Blockdraw’s groundbreaking solutions deliver new approaches for using and implementing blockchain technology in real businesses.

02 LEAP Protocol
Patent Pending

We have created a private multi-level blockchain solution providing speed, confidentiality and data storage. This solution is backed and verified by a trustless and immutable public blockchain with Notary Stamp technology.

Extracting the best features of decentralized blockchain solutions and combining them with the speed and reliability of private blockchains, Blockdraw developed its patent-pending LEAP protocol.

The LEAP protocol developed by Blockdraw is the first and most advanced commercial solution based on blockchain technology for online gambling and other industries. Learn more

03 Provable Chance
Golle Algorithm

Our platform provides a unique and proprietary distributed randomness with provable fair-play cryptology. The solution is embedded with blockchain technology, which is implemented as a Decentralized Application (DApp) based on the Golle Algorithm.

Blockdraw’s DApp is, to our knowledge, the first commercial ready-to-use software product that delivers provable fair and random play. Any game of chance that implements this technological solution becomes provably fair, provided at least one of the participants plays fair. Learn more

Core Intellectual Team

Darin Oliver

Darin has over 30 years of experience in finance working in senior institutional sales and trading roles with major international banks. He has a long history in technology and was recently the Deputy Director of Licensing at the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

Konstantinos Despotakis

Konstantinos has a PhD in Computerized Economic Modelling (UC Berkeley) and an MSc in Management Science (Imperial College London). He has been in senior online gambling positions for the past 15 years, 9 of which as AGCC Deputy Director Compliance.

Kim Lumbard

Kim graduated with honors in Applied Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology, where he later taught Information Theory. He is an expert in cryptography, discrete mathematics and prime number theory.

05 Blockchain Commercial Solutions

Whilst the possibilities of blockchain technology are impressive, limitations such as the lack of speed, operational costs, confidentiality, scalability and big data storage of public blockchains has prevented the implementation of technological breakthroughs in real businesses. There is a massive demand for commercial solutions with the immutability and trustless nature of public blockchains that offer speed, confidentiality and scalability.

Tested and verified in the online gambling environment, Blockdraw technologies will develop a reputation as sophisticated, secure and reliable solutions that meet the highest standards of any business or industry.

Development Hub

Blockdraw is constantly looking for professionals to help empower the development of Blockdraw technologies.

With the purpose of empowering the development of blockchains, Blockdraw offers grants for blockchain and cryptology development projects that may be used in Blockdraw products and solutions.

We are also open for any discussion with professionals regarding the blockchain development process and possible implementations.

Blockdraw provides educational sessions via Skype or in person with selected teams or individuals who are involved in blockchain and cryptology development.