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Elite Gaming Club

Blockdraw’s marketing, technology and currency vision for an online gambling casino.

Elite Gaming Club is an innovative online gambling casino that implements innovative marketing strategies, cutting-edge technologies and versatile multi-currency payment solutions.
Online gambling is redefined as elite entertainment, giving Gaming Club a distinct marketing advantage over existing online gambling platforms.

Gambling is not just about placing bets and winning or losing money. It is a form of art and recreation. It offers excitement and adventure to players.
Elite Gaming Club is a respectable, exclusive community of individuals who value and enjoy pleasant gaming atmosphere steeped in the essence of style, fashion, art, charity and technology.


Elite, Respectable and Exclusive
Gambling is associated with style, fashion, art, charity and technology, creating an atmosphere of modern aristocracy for the players. Elite Gaming Club offers entertainment that is much more than just a game of chance.

Elite Gaming Club is a place where brains matter. Games of skill requiring analysis and strategy are promoted as an intellectual challenge. Games of pure chance are also available and positioned as recreation for tired minds and as a way of testing probability theory.
Outstanding new blockchain technology makes gambling feel innovative, secure and transparent. Players are able to join the first club to implement blockchain and cryptography in the real commercial world.

Frontier development of blockchain and cryptography technology makes club members feel as a part of new era. The technological breakthrough used in Elite Gaming Club’s promotion gives the club respectability and utilizes all advantageous aspects of the hype around blockchain technology.

01Entertainment Real Money Games as Entertainment

Elite Gaming Club is an online casino, with a wide variety of games offered to players. Games of skill or chance, classic casino games and modern online innovative gaming, are also featured.

Gaming in popular languages with a localized design, attracts players of diverse mentalities. Using a player-specific approach, the club markets different games to specific communities which can be segmented geographically, by education, age or interests.

02Entertainment Entertainment of Competition

Elite Gaming Club features tournaments of various games, both online and offline.

Tournaments create intellectual competition and provide opportunities to participate, view and discuss the gaming events, both entertaining and involving players.

Tournaments involving celebrities from the worlds of sports gaming and other recognizable fields are also held. Well-known personalities from the spheres of art, fashion, style and sport make these events unique and elite. Charity programs add respectability to the tournaments.

Gaming Club’s Features

  • Intellectual Entertainment
    Gambling is surrounded by educational support to make players feel like they are participants in intellectual entertainment.
  • Style, Fashion,
    Players in the club are surrounded by news and events relating to style, fashion and art.
  • Celebrity
    Several celebrities also gamble at Elite Gaming Club, adding value to the membership.
  • Charity Involvement
    Elite Gaming Club gives back to the community. Its involvement with charitable programs provides players an additional feeling of respectability.
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  • Intellectual Entertainment

    Gambling is surrounded by educational support to make players feel like they are participants in intellectual entertainment.
    Elite Gaming Club provides players with educational and training materials on the games’ rules and winning strategies for online and offline play; it also supports discussions on the theory of gambling within the Gaming Club community.
    The involvement of celebrities from the world of sports gambling and other famous names in the club’s educational materials adds additional value to the brand’s intellectual clientele.
    Elite Gaming Club constantly creates and publishes both online and offline videos, books, brochures and instructions on gambling, including examples of fictional literature from different cultures.
    Elite Gaming Club encourages members to create their own content related to gambling and adopts the best content..

  • Style, Fashion, Art

    Players in the club are surrounded by news and events from the world of style, fashion and art.
    Players can participate in discussions and gaming with celebrities.
    Elite Gaming Club participates in both online and offline events and provides players with high quality content.
    By supporting young talents in art and fashion, Elite Gambling Club will build its reputation as a sophisticated and aspirational intellectual community.

  • Celebrity Players

    Several celebrities also gamble at Elite Gaming Club, adding value to the membership. Elite Gaming Club attracts celebrities from the worlds of sport, cinema, art, fashion and style to participate in all areas of the club’s activities, both offline and online, including gambling and tournaments, fashion, art, charity events and social networking with club members.
    Players become members of an elite club together with celebrities they love, creating inclusivity and loyalty.

  • Charity Involvement

    The club’s association with charitable work makes it both respectable and elite. By participating in charity programs, Gaming Club provides its players with a feeling of respectability, removing any negativity associated with gambling.
    Members have an option to donate part of their gainings to different charity programs, making gamblers participants in ongoing charity events designed for honorable and socially responsible people.
    Gaming Club’s charity programs are also promoted offline at fashion, art and style events, gaining reputable PR and celebrity involvement.

04Technology Technologically Sophisticated

Arguably, the best technologies of the 21st century are blockchain and cryptology. These are widely used to provide fair, trustless and reliable play. These technologies, further developed by Blockdraw, make Elite Gaming Club a secure and safe place.

Adding to its intellectual reputation as a modern and sophisticated technological society, Elite Gaming Club offers players a wealth of technological entertainment materials on the subjects of blockchain and cryptology.
Elite Gaming Club participates in offline technological events and fairs, promotes its role as a pioneer in creating a new approach to online gaming and supports blockchain and cryptology developers by involving them in the club.
Gamers can become participants in the technological revolution that’s happening right now, just by gambling in this modern and highly innovative online casino.

05Reputation of Regulations

Reputable and compliant to Regulation

Online gambling is legally regulated by respected world regulators and governments.

Governments and regulatory authorities love Elite Gaming Club’s security and trustless fair play implemented with cutting-edge technologies.

Elite Gaming Club’s solutions are becoming industry standards and fulfill all relevant regulatory requirements, making the club the first and best gambling platform in terms of security and integrity.

Elite Gaming Club’s fully regulated background means members of the club know that their experience is completely legal and secure.

Players Funds

Gaming Club uses cryptocurrencies to provide real-money gaming. Cryptocurrency is the only known solution that allows smart escrow of players’ funds for the game only.

Players manage their money without handing it over to the casino, which differentiates Elite Gaming Club from conventional online gambling platforms.

Real-Money Gambling

For players that prefer to play with dollars or any other fiat currency, Elite Gaming Club will provide seamless credit card operations and allow users to play using dollars safely and securely.

For sophisticated gamblers that love cryptocurrencies, direct gambling with BTC, ETH or other reputable cryptocurrencies will be available, with smart escrow of players’ funds.

Elite Gaming Club’s Success

Elite Gaming Club’s innovative marketing approach based on art, fashion, style, charity and technology makes our online casino outstanding and completely different from all existing online gambling platforms.

By creating an elite ambience associated with reputable and intellectual players, Gaming Club will become an extremely popular and respectable online casino with a significant market share.