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Comprehensive Cryptological Solutions for the Online Gambling Industry

Blockdraw’s cryptological solutions for online gambling comprise cutting edge technology, innovative marketing, regulatory compliance and versatile payment solutions. Blockdraw is poised to set new industry standards that will have a significant impact for many years to come.

Blockdraw was founded by gambling professionals, online gambling regulators mathematicians, and blockchain experts. Since its inception, Blockdraw has invested over $1.8M in technology development and marketing. Its strong interdisciplinary team has developed comprehensive solutions comprising technology, marketing and regulatory strategies for online gambling that will also have implications for many other industries.


01 Darin Oliver

Founder and Managing Director

«I started BLOCKDRAW because I wanted to use blockchain to solve the pressing issues facing regulators, players and businesses. During my time as a regulator in the online gambling industry, I saw many problems that had no solution. I realized the potential to create solutions with blockchain technology, a technology with many advantages. I knew it was important to keep the player experience the same as with traditional server-based games, and blockchain allowed us to do that while still solving the crucial problems. To date, our solution is the only one that allows users to have a scalable, high-speed gambling platform that looks and feels just like a traditional online gambling platform without falling prey to most of the pressing issues this industry faces.»


    22 November 2018, Moscow, Russia
    Darin Oliver’s speech «The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Blockchain gambling». Is it the Funeral or a New Hope?
  • Malta Blockchain Summit
    1-2nd November 2018, Malta
    Sharing at the Malta Blockchain Summit, Darin Oliver presented the groundbreaking technology of Blockdraw and its technological solutions for crypto online gaming.
  • Crypto Games Conference
    18th October 2018, Minsk, Belarus
    Blockdraw visits Crypto Games Conference in Minsk. Darin Oliver takes an active part in a panel discussion «Regulatory Issues Impacting Blockchain Gaming». Blockdraw approach to regulatory issues is presented at the conference.
  • Global Gaming Expo (G2E) USA
    11th October 2018, Las Vegas, USA
    The big conference Global Gaming Expo (G2E) organized by the American Gaming Association, which took place in Las-Vegas on the 8-11th of October 2018 met Blockdraw warmly and kindly.
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    22 November 2018, Moscow, Russia

    The participants of the international blockchain conference in Moscow, November 22, were treated to an insightful presentation regarding one of the most disruptive blockchain technologies at the event.
    Darin Oliver shared «The Good the Bad and the Ugly in Blockchain gambling». While presenting to several blockchain enthusiasts, he received very positive feedback.

  • Malta Blockchain Summit

    1-2nd November 2018, Malta

    Sharing his disruptive blockchain product, Blockdraw, at the Malta Blockchain Summit, Darin Oliver emphasized that the online gambling industry has tremendous market potential. He also discussed partnership possibilities in technological and financial matters.
    Blockchain gambling is the most misunderstood and ironically under-represented business in the blockchain sector. Many of the cryptocurrency users possess a "chip" mentality with their ETH (easy come easy go) attitude. Blockdraw understands and is preparing to tap this market.

  • Crypto Games Conference

    18th October 2018, Minsk, Belarus

    Crypto Games Conference The second annual Crypto Games Conference was held in Minsk, the capital city of blockchain-friendly Belarus. Its aim is to unite the worlds of gaming and blockchain with cutting-edge technologies, to discuss profound implications of their convergence, and discover new opportunities that result from their synergies.
    Darin Oliver took an active part in the panel discussion «Regulatory Issues Impacting Blockchain Gaming», where he represented Blockdraw and introduced the audience to its significant contribution to the crypto online gaming space. Many thanks to the initiators of the event for the opportunity to keep in touch with the crypto-gaming enthusiasts and spread the word about the mission of Blockdraw.

  • Global Gaming Expo (G2E) USA

    11th October 2018, Las Vegas, USA

    At the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) organized by the American Gaming Association, which took place in Las-Vegas on the 8-11th of October, Blockdraw took center stage.
    Darin Oliver presented an informative speech dedicated to several hot topics, including a huge opportunity for cryptocurrency gambling operators to establish a powerful new financial industry thanks to the Chinese market and its impact in the online gaming space.
    Darin argued that the biggest growth markets for crypto are China, rest of Asia and Eastern Europe, which happen to be the same markets for gambling.
    Darin and Colleagues from the team of Blockdraw appreciated the opportunity to bring awareness to a wide audience and discuss new possible partnerships.

Blockdraw Technology

Incorporates next generation blockchain-agnostic commercial solutions for the whole process of online gambling, including gaming software, user verification and management, accounting and audit trails. Blockchains and distributed randomness embedded in DApps provide provable fair play and immutable history records.

See “Technologies” for details

Marketing Approach

The Elite Gaming Club features style, fashion, art, technology and charity, making players feel members of a respectable, exclusive community. Online gambling is redefined as elite entertainment, and the Elite Gaming Club gains outstanding marketing advantages over existing online gambling platforms.

See “Elite Gaming Club” for details

03Online Gambling Online Gambling as a Use Case for Blockdraw Technologies

Online gambling is a challenging use case to test and improve Blockdraw’s technologies for further sales in other industries. The online gambling industry has high standards for security, confidentiality, reliability, and regulatory compliance. By meeting such standards Blockdraw will be well positioned to expand into other industries with comparable high standards.

Tested and verified in the online gambling environment, Blockdraw’s technologies will build a reputation for robust, secure and reliable crypto-solutions that can meet the standards of practically any business or industry.

The Team

Blockdraw has gathered a team of highly skilled experts from gambling, cryptography and blockchain technologies along with specialists in the implementation of huge automated systems in the real economy sector. Our team spent a year focusing on investigation and development, pursuing set goals before the anticipated launch.


Founder and President



Founder and COO



Blockdraw’s Cryptology Expert



Blockchain Senior Developer

Olia Binkovska-Abraham

Olia Binkovska-Abraham

Marketing advisor



Blockchain Developer



Blockchain Developer



Project Coordinator



Senior Digital Art Director / UX Designer

05Regulatory Regulatory Advantage of Blockdraw in Online Gambling

Blockdraw is the ideal solution for regulators and governments in online gambling. It provides provably fair play with distributed randomness, immutable storage of gaming history, non-changeable gaming software and transparency of financial transactions combined with confidentiality of user data. Online gambling will encourage the approach that Blockdraw has already developed for future licensing.

An eCasino based on Blockdraw’s technology is the first product in the online gambling industry designed to meet the needs of businesses and satisfy government regulatory requirements by offering provable randomness and fairness, trustless guaranteed payment of winnings, security, confidentiality and verifiability.

Our Investments

We have invested over $1.8M and created commercial cryptological solutions for the online gambling industry, comprising cutting edge marketing, versatile payment processing and innovative technology, which at the same time satisfy high regulatory compliance standards.

We are continuing to invest in these processes and are expanding our promotional efforts and games development. We are also developing payments solutions that allow both non-smart contract capable blockchains and fiat users to gain all the advantages our technologies bring to the marketplace.

Please contact us for additional information: